Opera Mini 2

Opera MiniWhilst I’m not too keen on the full browser (being a Firefox fan), I have to say that Opera Mini is great.
It works on most modern mobiles, is free* to use and make web browsing on the phone much nicer.
As a P910 user I already have Opera Mobile installed, but Mini is a whole lot faster and a lot smoother.
You can download it easily by pointing your wap browser to this url
http://mini.opera.com/ then following the steps.

* If you download it via your phone, you will need to pay the GRPS charges for the software. Also you’ll need to pay GPRS charges when you use Opera Mini.

3 thoughts on “Opera Mini 2

  1. I’ve been using it for about a month now and its definitely faster (downloads and rendering). The pre-compressing/resizing of images before delivery is especially nice.

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