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  1. I’ve never connected my Treo to a PC to upload to Flickr since Flickr allows you to email the photos right into your account (via a unique email address the provide).

    I’m not seeing the point of this Shozu app…

  2. I used to use Opera, as I never trust any email to web application (blogger was rubbish).
    The advantage (may be seen as a disadvantage) of ShoZu is on my P910i that it asks me as soon as I’ve taken a photo if I want to upload it to flickr.

  3. Some people prefer ShoZu over email upload because it’s easier e.g.

    If that doesn’t move you, the other main benefit of ShoZu over email is that it’s a lot cheaper (email transfers 30-50% more data for the same photo upload).

    Aside from this, ShoZu does other things that you can’t do with email . For example, you can edit titles, tags and descriptions after you have uploaded the photo, see upload status on the phone, and read other people’s comments on your phone.

    Hope this explains why people are using ShoZu. I’d suggest that you try for yourself, but sadly we don’t support the Treo yet. Hope you’ll get to use ShoZu one day soon.

    Andy Tiller, CTO Cognima (creators or ShoZu)

    BTW Ryan, there’s a ShoZu setting that lets you turn off the pop-up in the camera app if you find it annoying.

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