The ups and downs of politics

A story about the leadership, policy or fringes?
Nope, the best freebie so far. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, courtesy of Meridan TV.
With nothing for them to film at Conference, they opted for soundbites from young people whilst going on themepark rides.
First was the Pepsi Max Big One which we needed to go on twice in a row for the cameras. Next was a ride called Spin Doctor, not sure why they wanted for us to go on it, but I was the only one brave enough. Finally there was the dogems, which are always fun.
After the cameras left, we were free to go on the rest of the rides and with it being out of season we had no queus.
In theory we’ll be on TV Sunday lunch time, so if you live on the south coast, or know how to manually tune in your Sky box, you might get to see me having fun.

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