Heather Quinton in Heather and Quinton

Heather in HeatherYesterday me and Heather went on one of our drives.
We headed down the A1, and turned off towards Melton Mowbray. Looking at the map Heather realised that we weren’t too far away from Heather, it’s somewhere we’ve mentioned before and said we would visit.
Upon arriving in Heather, we discovered that it was their Scarecrow Festival, so we had a wander around looking at the local efforts.
Having visited Heather, next stop had to be Quinton.

Heather in QuintonWe had two choices, Quinton in Northamptonshire or Quinton in the West Midlands. We opted for Quinton in Northamptonshire as this just meant driving down the M1.
Quinton was less exciting than Heather, however it was very picturesque.
Unfortunately looking at maps we can’t find Ryan, but we can find a Cullen, the only slight problem is the drive.

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