New LibDemBlog Rules

For those who don’t visit the About page daily, just a couple of small changes.

Posts with longs words are now ignored (the word limit is current 70), most times these are really long URLs or tables which your feed has removed the tags, but not added any spaces.

People who don’t post anything for 60 days, will find their name being removed from the BlogBox, as nobody likes an out of date link. At the moment this process is done part manually, part automatically. (The list of when you last posted is created by the computer, so I don’t have to trawl through every blog, but the switch to turn you on or off is manual). So don’t be alarmed that your blog hasn’t been turned back on straight away.
The autochecker also lets me know who’s blog is crashing the site, so if your site goes down for a while, you may find it might take a while for it to reappear on LibDemBlogs.

If at any time you do find your site missing, and your site is fine, posts have short words and you’ve posted within the last two days, feel free to contact me to get them switched on.

[email protected] – please don’t send personal correspondence to this address, as it is filtered for LibDemBlog issues only.

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