Blackcurrant tea, Robots and other stuff

Just been looking at my blog, and noticed I haven’t posted in a while.
A couple of things I want to write down. For the last 4 years I’ve been trying to track down a supplier of Blackcurrant Tea. Not the cough medicine stuff that Twinnings sell, which is some herbs and blackcurrant infusion, I want tea with blackcurrant. I knew that Harrogates sold them, but had never found a shop selling them. Then the other day, whilst in one of the nicest shops in Lincoln Imperial Tea and Coffee on Steep Hill, oddly enough they were selling their own Blackcurrant Tea. I can’t believe that I’ve been visiting/ living in Lincoln for over a year, been in Imperial Tea and Coffee many times, and not noticed or even thought that they might sell what I’ve been looking for.

The second point in the title was Robots. Heather and I went to see this a few weeks ago, whilst the film was alright, the reason for posting was because we went to see it at the Kinema in the Woods. The Kinema is in Woodhall Spa, which isn’t too far away, and is located in (bet you can guess) a wood.
The Kinema still has (or has reconditioned someone else’s) organ, and if you are lucky you see it being played.
They still have the old style tickets and an intermission. The only problem we found was that they don’t take cards, so a quick dash to the High Street to find a bank was needed.

Finally other stuff, finished watching Season 6 of the West Wing, at first I wasn’t too sure of the mix and match of episodes going between the White House and the trail of the Primaries, however by the end of the season I really can’t wait for the next season.
I believe that a General Election has been called.
Charlie’s had a baby boy.
Vandals kicked in my wing mirror.
And my cousin Mark has had a kid, so I’ve got a christening to go to in a couple of weeks.

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