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When you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Tories “inadequate at a political, managerial, and community level” ruling party of Lincolnshire County Council, still feel it’s fine to run it alone. They’ve apointed Martin Hill to be the leader of the council, and he has appointed 9 other Tories to be on the executive with him.
Did they not read the Audit Committee Report?
Let just hope that come May 5th we’ll see a change in colour for the political map of the rather blue Lincolnshire.
Whilst we’re on the topic, a generic countywide Tory leaflet landed on my doorstep yesterday (I’ll scan it, when the scanner and photoshop are re-installed). It claims

Better Off With the Conservatives
Whilst costing you less, your Conservative Lincolnshire Country Council gives you more

Getting Around
* Lincoln Eastern bypass progressed
* Dualling of the A46 to Lincoln completed
* Bypass at Partney and Burgh le Marsh
* Bypasses for Bourne, Grantham, Crowland
* Rights of way greatly improved
* Rural bus service expanded

Strangely no mention of the Jim “put the Crowland Bypass, near my back yard to increase the value of my land” Speechley nor the fact that they’ve been branded as “weak” and “unlikely to improve without help”.

Thanks to Simon Titley for pointing out the new leadership.

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