One Hundred and Thirty f-ing Seven

This time last week, spotting number plates seemed simple, getting at least one a day, everything was going fine.
On the way to work trying to find a 136, I saw two sets of consecutive 137 & 138, and driving a 139, I was sure that I would be looking for a 140 in no time.
Still no luck at lunch time, and then on the way home, I saw another 137 driving past me. Then, 20 seconds later a 136! This was going to be easy. I had seen at least 5 different 137s in the last two day. OK they were all moving, but they were all in the area.
But no, ten 138s later, I finally find the 137 a week later. Luckily for me, a 138 then appeared within a few minutes. Next job was to safely pull over, spot my number plate before a 140 appeared. No 140 did appear, nor have I found one yet, but hopefully I’ll find one soon, and my ratio of 0.6318 won’t drop any lower.

One thought on “One Hundred and Thirty f-ing Seven

  1. Followed the link from your profile on the Haloscan forums and found the title to this entry interesting from a linguistic point of view (occupational hazard!)–had never thought about “f-ing insertion” in connection with numbers. Cheers!

    (If you don’t mind, I think I’ll swipe your charsleft script for use in my own Haloscan comments; different blog than the one I gave in the URL field.)

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