Top Up Fees

Students on Welsh Fees DemoWith yesterdays demo in Wales, and today’s piece on the BBC about how Leeds Met and the University of Bradford might not charge full fees, I though I would post about something that happened around 3 years ago.

Whilst at Warwick University, in 2000, we had a EMG motion on Top-Up Fees, and it was almost my amendment that caused the sit-in in Senate House (SWSS got theirs in first by about 1 second).
After this, the Vice Chancellor agreed to appear in a debate with the President of the Union, one of the Economics lecturers and some other people.
Now the key fact that I remember from this debate, was that Warwick University was only £25 per student short in their funding.

Now clearly in the last 4 years, this can’t have raised to £3000, yet Warwick in it’s effort to seem to be one of the top universities, is refusing to lower the price.

It’s good to see that the variability that the Top-Up fees bill introduced, will be completely ignored, something that I was predicting 4 years ago.

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