The Long Weekend

I was going to posts these after each day, but forgot.

On Wednesday Heather came down to London, and we went to the Liberal Democrat Christmas Staff Party in the House of Lords.

Chris Rennard was Father Christmas, and after we finished there, we went on to Strangers Bar with several MPs.

Thursday was a bit more quiet, but Heather did get to meet my Nana for the first time.

Friday was Heather’s birthday, and amazingly she help me at work for most of the day. After work, we went off to the London Eye, which if you can manage to get on it during the night, whilst people are still at work, and have a clear sky it is really, really lovely.

On Saturday, we visited my Nana to fix her computer, went shoe shopping in London (which oddly was rather busy). Then in the evening, we went to Walthamstow Dogs, with James, Helen, Chris, Will, Brian, Theo and Dan. Whilst I did lose money overall, I did have some winners.

Then on Sunday, we went to the Wedding of Stuart and Lesley, two Liberal Democrat friends in Hemel Hempstead. The wedding service was lovely, and the reception was held in the beautiful Berkhamsted Old Town Hall.

Finally on Monday, Heather managed to escape, although only after she spent another day helping me in the office.

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