Murder One

Murder OneWhilst flicking through this months Empire Magazine, I saw an advert for Season One of Murder One, and instantly had to buy it.
Ok it doesn’t come out til Monday, but it is pre-ordered on Amazon for me 🙂 (only £29.99)
For those who never saw it (why not!), it’s a US Criminal Law show, featuring shock horror, only one case, which is finally solved at the end of 23 episodes.
Unfortunatly for us in the UK, the Americans just didn’t get it, and whilst they did make a Season 2 they dropped the people in the cast.

Can’t wait to rip the DVD, convert the episodes into P800 friendly format, and watch the episodes each day on the train to work.

2 thoughts on “Murder One

  1. I never watched it, partly because once I’d missed the start there seemed little point…

    That does mean that I don’t know who did it so would e to watch the series without knowing the ending…

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