TVPlayer on Roku or NOW TV

UPDATE: At present changes made by TVPlayer have blocked the streams from loading.
However I’ve created an alternative app using FilmOn feeds.
Latest Version: FilmOn 1.4.4 Sideloadable ZIP / Roku Private Channel

So I set myself the challenge of building an app for Roku, and thought it couldn’t be too hard to get either TVCatchup or TVPlayer working could it.

Turns out that TVCatchup is pretty simple and within 2 hours I had a working example built.

However their selection of channels isn’t great and I wanted Dave as we don’t get that with Freesat and have no aerial on the house for Freeview.

tvplayer-channelsTVPlayer have at least some level of protection around their stream URLs, however after watching traffic within Chrome and also over the mobile app I worked out a way to get the streams playing.

So if you want TVPlayer on your Roku or NOW TV box you can use my unofficial app.
For Roku just use the private channel arteseatvp, or on NOW TV you can sideload* the ZIP file

tvplayer-nownext*To sideload an app on to your NOW TV box you’ll need to enable the Developer Mode and push the file via a browser. I’ll do a blog post on the exact method, but this Engadget guide should help.

To the TVPlayer devs, if you need any help building your own app drop me a line, I can tell you why the UKTV feeds fail to work without intervention.

April Update: As per the red box above, TVPlayer streams are currently blocked, however you can use the FilmOn app instead.
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428 thoughts on “TVPlayer on Roku or NOW TV

  1. This is great, thanks. I have been looking for something like this which I can sideload on to my mum’s Now TV box for sometime. I have noticed a little bug, if I pick a channel from Channels it loads up fine. If I then exit that channel and select another I only get audio and the display stays on the Channels menu. No biggie but thought I would mention it. Once again thanks for creating the app.

  2. Fantastic app which installed straight away on my black NOW TV box.

    At least I no longer need to use a VPN to watch CNN and the +1 free UKTV channels are a bonus.

  3. Hi Ryan, 1.6.2 worked well on my Roku 1. I have just side loaded it to an original white Now TV Box and have found that the Now/Next menu and Channels menu don’t seem to work. Here are a couple of images.

    As you can see the pictures don’t load and when you press a direction on the remote it isn’t highlighted on the screen. I also noticed the clock stays frozen. If I select a channel by remembering how many key presses I have made the video starts fine. Upon exiting I get a black screen but if selecting another channel via remembering key presses the next video loads fine as well.

    The original Now TV boxes were based on the Roku LT and they currently run software version 6.1 build 5660. Although they have just started a beta for new software (don’t know which software version or build). The Roku LT is running software version 7.0. Is there a minimum software version your app is written to run on?

  4. This does not work on a Roku 2 XS, loaded as a private channel. In UK.
    It starts up to the “splash” screen then exits after about 5seconds, this was added using
    the channel name “arteseatvp”.

  5. @Mark S, there was a bug with the EPG data that caused the app to crash. Version 1.7.0 is now available and should have a patch in place. Settings -> System -> System Update -> Check now should force it to update.
    If anyone was using the sideloaded ZIP the latest file is here.

  6. I sideloaded your app on a black NowTV box, it works a treat thanks, but when I sideloaded the app on the white I get the same issues as Darren (above)

    Is the app just for the black NowTV box?

  7. @RebelHeart & @Darren there is no reason for it not to work and I’ve had reports of it running slowly, but that’s to be expected with the CPU in the white boxes. I’ll get mine out over the next few days and look at the debug logs.

    At worse I can add a feature to make the app very simple for the white box. There will be no grid of channels or a nice EPG but instead the default Roku carousel. But as the main point of the app is to launch the live TV channels it should be acceptable.

  8. Great app, works fine on a Roku 2XS and Now TV black box. Not usable on a Now TV white box same reasons as @RebelHeart & @Darren above. Version 1.7.0. Keep up the good work.

  9. @RebelHeart, @Darren, @Paul and anyone else with a white box. Version 1.8.0 is available to download as a zip. This contains the fix for the NOW TV white boxes.
    Looks like they don’t support images over HTTPS which caused the images to fail to load, and this then caused other issues like the clock not updating. I’ve modified the code to request the images over HTTP instead which appears to work fine.

    Everyone else v1.8.0 contains only a few other changes, the first is a change in direction for switching between channels whilst video is playing (I’ve copied what my TV and Freesat box both do, which is up is plus a channel). The second is to allow left/right to show the now/next in video without needing to press up/down first. The third is that * now shows the bitrate and not the epg (up/down/left/right will do that for you).

  10. Great app artesea. Thank you very much.
    For us NowTv box users, any chance you could look at making a Plex channel version of the TVPlayer so that we could have the best of both worlds.
    (Can only sideload one app onto NowTV box)

  11. @matt there’s an issue with the TVPlayer api. It’s timing out so the app never gets the channels or listings. I thought I had code to show an error message but it’s crashing before it gets that far. Hopefully it’ll fix itself shortly.

  12. Hi. I am using the white Now tv box.

    Have just installed tvplayer 1.8.0

    “TV Player” logo is on screen but going nowhere.
    I can press the home button to go back to the Now Tv menu.

    Any ideas?



  13. Using v1.8 through a SmartDNS service to access UK channels from Germany. Seems Amazon’s CloudFront is picking up that I am not watching in the UK and blocks the content when I select any channel – “the request could not be satisfied”.

    The SmartDNS service works perfectly for all the NowTV preinstalled applications (BBC, ITV etc).

    Any ideas?

  14. Been following the posts and was excited to get this running. Like others, using 1.8, it’s hanging on the start up screen so looking forward to an update 🙂

  15. Having the same issue as Matt, above. Worked great on install this morning but gone back to it later and it just hangs on the TV Player start screen. Shame as this is an awesome app! Hopefully whatever is causing it gets resolved, brilliant work in actually creating the app too

  16. @chunx @james if it’s hanging on the splash screen it’s most likely that the API is down again. If you have the mobile app you’ll get a similar issue. Unfortutnaly there isn’t much I can do about the stability of their servers.

    @cathal I have no problems with the music channels. These do however come from a different server to the normal TV channels so your ISP might be the problem. Worth seeing how you get on via the TVPlayer website instead.

  17. Hi thanks for the quick reply, the TV Player mobile app is working fine on ipad, tested a few channels without issue but the Now TV app is still hanging on start. Tried a box restart to no avail, and a delete & reinstall. Please don’t think I’m complaining, just letting you know 🙂 My box is running version 6.2 build 5109 which is the latest I believe (if that helps?)

    1. Working fine here etc no now and next EPG data. No probs in channel switching. Really pleased with how this app has transformed the now tv box.

      Hypothetically, (I am a complete newbie) could the zip file of one app (say plex) be merged with another app (say Emby) and the TV Player app to create one zip file under the rokudev installer so that we could have the best of all three? I’m either being greedy with this question or complete idiot or a bit of both 🤓

  18. @chunx it’s possible BUT:
    * you would need to build a gui to switch between them,
    * you need to ensure that you had no duplicate function name,
    * there is a limit to the number of functions one app can have, plex runs very close to the limit.

    1. @ryan I knew there was going to be a logical reason otherwise it would have been done before now.

      Fantastic app you’ve created here, makes the box an entirely different piece of equipment. Cheers!

  19. hi Ryan,
    I’ve downloaded the zip file 1.7.0 for my black now tv box but am having trouble loading it on….
    keep getting the error message “install failure unzip failed, invalid or corrupt”
    any ideas? or am i selecting the wrong file?

  20. @Shane Thanks, but its still the same error message? using Safari browser which should work, zip is downloading ok, and I’m selecting the manifest part of the zip file? thats the only bit it allows me to choose….

  21. This is my error message @shane @ryan

    Application Received: 270 bytes stored.

    Install Failure: Unzip failed. Invalid or corrupt zip archive. Unloading.Install Failure: Unzip failed. Invalid or corrupt zip archive. Unloading.Install Failure: Unzip failed. Invalid or corrupt z

  22. In case it’s helpful… I couldn’t install from Mac using Safari. Just wouldn’t accept it, maybe the OS unzips the file upon download? Tried on Windows and it worked first time. Hoping not to start a Mac vs PC debate 🙂

  23. Sometimes it’s best to start over and try again. Factory restore the now tv box, re-do the developers access and then add the version 1.81. A clean install can make a difference. Fingers crossed.

  24. @James/Shane/Chunx – that was very useful as i was using a mac with Safari!!
    downloaded Chrome browser and it installed first time! thank you so much for all your help. My Now TV box has been transformed 🙂

  25. Great stuff! Makes my white box a fun machine to play with. Installed 1.8.11

    Worked Ok 2-3 times, then I got similar problems as above: channel grid not showing any images, had to guess where channels were. Also got “error 19: unable to fetch epg data”

    Now working better using the Roku App on my Android phone instead of remote. May be a coincidence, but seems to work 100% now with images on channel grid etc.

    Thanks again!


  26. Hi Ryan,

    A very tasty app indeed. Great work.

    Out of curiosity, what was it that you noticed about the stream URLs? In your opinion, would that solution be possible in Kodi?

    1. Hi Gary, the app itself streams fine on the new update but the channel idents have disappeared so its sort of pot luck to get the channel you need.

      Now/Next works sometimes but as I say the streaming is flawless.


  27. I MUST BE DOING SOMETYHING WRONG.THIS IS WHAT I GET, Application Received: 274728 bytes stored.

    Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.Install Success.Uninstall Success.Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.Install Success.

  28. This app is working 100%, thank you for this.
    I know that there is quite a call for this type of thing from outside the UK, can you perform miracles and do another channel (one day) that is based on “Filmon” UK streams as they are not geoblocked like this channel is.
    Having said all that this is great.

  29. Hi,

    Does your TV Player channel include the additional pay channels that come with it?

    Is there any chance that you could work your magic with UKTV Play as well?

  30. Thank for this. I bought a Roku stick as the reviews were good, and stated that they were much more versatile than the Fire stick. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t stream live TV Channels, however, as I live in an area where my channels are limited, and Freesat doesn’t improve things much. Now I can watch Dave and I’m really pleased with it. So far it works brilliantly. Just a shame I can’t subscribe to the premium channels instead of Now TV

  31. Brilliant app, exactly what I was looking for. Living in a house without an aerial, this has saved me the hassle of getting one installed and added value to my roku stick. Great job, thanks a lot Ryan.

  32. Using the app more and more and have sorted it out for my parents too. Would it be possible to add custom channels at the end of the list? Even manually entering the stream ourselves I’m sure would be the cherry on top!

  33. Hi Ryan:
    This app is a giant leap towards making the most out of these boxes.
    However, I have a few issues with my Sky Online (sort of NowTV/Roku 4200TT) box here in Italy (using VPN to UK):
    I managed to sideload the app, although I had to change some of the code from the original app (version 1.8.11), in the epg, nownext and TVPlayer.brs files (we can talk about it in detail later).
    But when starting the app, no channel icons are shown and navigation is not working. I actually figured out a way to move from one channel to another by pressing the * button on the remote to go back and forth the grid and now/next displays, but it’s far from ideal.
    I did some debugging by telneting the box and managed to sort out the issues mentioned above (at least no more error messages AFAIK), but can’t figure out why icons are not shown. The API is up and I can see the response, but I’m suspecting the json file is either not created or not parsed properly.
    Since this is not exactly a NowTV box, there might be some adjustments required (the firmware ver. 5.6, build 3132)
    Please let me know if there is some information I can extract from the box that might help in the troubleshooting.

  34. I see that the TV channel “Home” has been added to the Free Channels on TVPLAYER. It was previously Premium channel on TVPLAYER. Since yesterday it went free on Freeview and TVplayer. Its now available on this great app.

  35. “Error 646: You are not authorised”

    I am getting this error now on Roku. I am outside UK. (IRELAND) But I can play tvplayer streams on PC and Android with no problems. Does the Roku app share the same source?
    I have tried with Smart DNS also. Still get the error.

  36. Ryan, get an enigma box and put cccam on it & I’ll sort you a line as a way of thanks.

    Need a dish & decent broadband too.

    [email protected]*m

    This isn’t bullshit either – you’ve made my life easy in this house as my missus loves this app.

    Thank you from Dublin.

  37. No data loads even after ten minutes tried roku 2 and roku 4 no channel will load
    and up and down buttons do nothing just the * button changes menu list

  38. Changed DNS provider now it loads Data but get a stream authorization error
    are you going to update the TVplayer app in the actual Roku private Store?

  39. @Dave it’s not possible, I’ve added some code so that if yesterdays issue occurs again it can be fixed remotely without an update, however if they make more changes to the protection the app would need rewriting.
    The update warning will only be shown when the version you are running is broken, I won’t force updates for any new features.

  40. Hi Ryan, I have found a bug when using my white Now TV boxes. If I am on the Channels page and exit the app the next time I use the app the icons on the Channels page don’t populate. If however I exit from Now/Next when I enter the app again everything loads fine. I am using 1.8.12 . I don’t get this when using my Roku 1 (again 1.8.12 ) whatever page I’m on when I exit when I use the app again everything loads fine. Thanks again for your work on this app.

  41. H Ryan, is it just me, but I can’t install the 1.8.12 version. I had the older one working fine 1.8.0, which I can still load back in (but it doesn’t work anymore). But the 1.8.12 won’t install on the Now TV Box. I get the following error:

    Application Received: 8092 bytes stored.

    Install Failure: Unzip failed. Invalid or corrupt zip archive. Unloading.

  42. Not having much luck getting the channels to play on my Now Tv box. I’ve reset the box twice and loaded the app onto it and it shows up the list of channels but nothing will play. “Error 646” keeps popping up. Version 1.8.12

  43. Hi Ryan:

    When trying to add the private channel in the Roku site I get the following message:
    “The channel code provided is not associated with a valid channel.”

    Any ideas?

  44. @Praetorian. At a guess your Roku Account is not a UK account. I have read reports of Roku USA accounts getting same error as you have quoted. Not sure why because to be fair to Ryan at roku it is selected for USA and
    Rest of World: 0.00 USD
    United Kingdom: 0.00 GBP
    Ireland: 0.00 EUR
    United States: 0.00 USD
    Canada: 0.00 CAD

    Don’t know why it’s not working

  45. Ryan sorry to bother you again, but where can i download the latest 1.8.12 zip file from please mind is a bit rusty from Feb. The version i have is the very first one and it now is saying i need to update.Thankyou again.

  46. Also started getting the “Error 646 You are not authorised” today on every channel, tried the TV Player iPad app and which are all working fine, also tried restarting the app and the box itself

  47. The cat and mouse game of breaking the “key” has moved to a new level, last week they just changed the text, this week they’ve stuck it behind a function doing stuff. Will need some time to see what I can get out of it.

    1. You would think they would concentrate on just releasing an official app of their own, instead of wasting developer’s time locking it down further.

      The worst thing your fantastic app does, is bring them more users, and the dumbest thing that happens by them spending their time locking you down, is that the longer they don’t have an official app out, the fewer customers they have subscribing to their premium channels (which is actually quite good value).

      If I were working for the channels they signed up to their premium package, I’d be on the horn with them and asking them why are they wasting their time hassling your “free advertisement to them” when they could be launching an app on the Roku and making money for themselves and their premium channel operators.

  48. They ( said that a Roku channel maybe on the cards. One of the main problems at the moment that they face is that UKTV (dave, drama, really, home etc) have still not given them TV rights to their channels. That is they cannot use these streams on apps that playout on tv. In tvplayers case this currently applies to AppleTV 4. TVplayer rushed out an app for apple tv, and are now facing a backlash from users because not all advertised channels appear on the app. (Dave being the most popular one.) So until they obtain tv rights to these channels i’d say the official Roku channel is on hold. This also my explain the reason Ryan origionally had difficulties displaying the UKTV channels on his app.

    1. Yes, you can have a Roku account without a Roku player, but no, this won’t help with Now TV.

      The Now TV may be based on a Roku, but it has proprietary firmware that is not compatible with Roku accounts.

      However, you can install one (1) app by sideloading it onto a Now TV Box. I have a really easy guide here, but for FilmOn you’ll need an APK. Now, I don’t know of one right now, but I’ll look around.

      Actually, Ryan here created the absolute coolest TVPlayer app for Roku, along with the APK for sideloading, so perhaps he may consider doing one for FilmOn.

    1. Now that’s cool. I’m guessing the FilmOn m3u URLs on their own won’t work, at least for any length of time, because they have a timeout from memory. Have you managed to find a way around this Ryan?

      In any case, thanks for your fantastic effort here!

  49. Thanks for the help ovbg, and thank you Ryan for undertaking this project.
    Filmon will be great for me, as I travel abroad and filmon streams are not Geo locked.


  50. Awesome. Stumbled across this and it’s revived my Roku. With all my other gadgets it was beginning to gather dust. Not anymore! Huge appreciation. Any other recommendations?

  51. Ryan could you add an additional command so that the ok button also shows the EPG? I know the up button does it too but if the ok button was also included it would match the now tv experience.

  52. Bit hypocritical Chris I have to say, considering you asked for “more” on the old app back in February by asking for additional channels, did anyone else reply to you back then with a snide remark, no they didn’t.

    1. @Karl – it’s not unreasonable to ask for a channel that’s available on other apps. What Ryan has done is more than adiquate and people need to enjoy that.

  53. @Ross, summer time bug fixed in the latest version 1.1.0 zip.

    @Dave, FilmOn use fixed bitrates instead of more flexible adaptive bitrates which lower the quality when there isn’t enough bandwidth. Unfortunately the Roku firmware only provides the bitrate value when adaptive is used.

  54. Hi Ryan would it be possible to toggle the real-time clock while watching a program, just to give an indication of how far into a show we are, or possibly add a progress bar to the onscreen epg?

  55. Thanks for all your hard work. Much appreciated. Any further info on any more tv related roku or Apple TV 4 private channels would be great.

  56. Hi Ryan,

    Just installed on my brothers white now TV box, works better than some official apps I’ve seen, I’m going to buy some now TV Boxes purely to use this app.
    Many thanks,

  57. Hi Ryan,
    I’m a bit thick lol,
    How do I install the film on app on to roku 2xs
    Trying to get to player , is there a code or address to enter on the roku site ??

  58. Hey ryan im new to all this. Have a black nowtv box and want to.side load ur ap to view how do i start. Which is the latest zip. Can it give me.iptv like livestream player etc. Any aussie tv apps i can sideload? Cheers in advance great work ir doing

  59. Hi, I have the black now tv box that is currently on offer in currys and I can’t get the app to install. I am using a macbook and when I download the full folder from google documents it unzips the file. I zip the folder up again and when I upload and try to install it says:

    Application Received: 274687 bytes stored.

    Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  60. Hi Guys,

    This info may be of use, with no trouble at all I downloaded Ryan’s Filmon zip file directly to my android phone, when I was at my sons home I logged my phone onto his wifi network & using the google chrome browser installed the app on my sons Now tv box directly from the phone using the standard procedure only on my phone instead of my lap top.

    Still loving the app and using it daily, many thanks to Ryan.


  61. HI Ryan thanks for the response. I’m new to this. I’ve created a new zip with the manifest and then the folder but no luck. I also just tried the manifest on it’s own and it didn’t work either.

  62. Hi Richard,

    I would think its because they want to upsell you subscription channels which they cant do through Ryans app.

    To be honest, ive never found tv player streams anywhere near as reliable as tv catchup or filmon.

    To me filmon is the best service as it has a wide choice of channels and isn’t geo locked.


  63. That does make sense Mark. However you would think that instead of blocking Ryan’s app they would recognise there is a demand for a Roku version and pay Ryan to add the pay TV functionality. Hopefully it could then become an official app available in Roku and NowTV app stores and Ryan wouldn’t just rely on donations.

  64. Thanks ever so much for this. I can only receive selected Freeview channels due to my aerial pointing at a relay transmitter rather than a main one. I can now watch Dave etc in my spare room on my white Now TV box (have Sky downstairs).

    Sure it’s a little slow to change channel and navigate menus but I acknowledge it’s because the white boxes are nowhere near as quick as the black ones. Hopefully I’ll get one soon.

    Streaming quality seems fine to me. A little put off by the FilmOn logo in the top right but I know it’s completely out of your control. I’m sure I’ll get used to it over time. Thank heavens it’s a translucent logo!

    Thanks again.

  65. Hi Ryan:
    Great work with this app! I installed it in my Sky Online box (equivalent to NowTV black box) and works very well. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to update the channel icons and the “Now/Next” list, but at least shows the actual programming, as opposed to the FilmOn Roku app I have installed in a Roku 2 box (it is never updated so I have to open their web page or the iOS app to see what’s being broadcasted).
    Just a quick question: any chance you can add more channels from the UK group and/or the News group? I know the actual FilmOn Roku app has lots of uninteresting channels but the News group may be worth including in you version.

  66. Can you make a app like this for USA and Hindi channels geoblocked on Roku please email me and let me know about the details and i love your work and add some new UK channels if you can thanks you’re amazing

  67. I’ve just released 1.2.0 1.1.7 which contains more channels. They are all from FilmOn and because I’m lazy they match those found in another Roku app.
    If you have the private channel it’ll update in 24 hours unless you do a force Software Update check, for those with NOW TV boxes or have sideloaded the ZIP is available here.

  68. Thanks for adding all the channels to the app but can you add some american channels in it too and or like make an app just like this for american geoblocked channels?

  69. Hi Aibad,

    I thought you would need VPN router to view geolocked channels on roku or now TV boxes or do you have another solution ? I’m fairly new at all this so please forgive me if I’ve missed something obvious .


  70. I was wondering if you could create a film on channel for like american channels that can be watched and same for like indian channels i would really appericate it and like i can help you out with the list like what popular channels you should add cause the film on app for roku you created i’m able to watch the channels on there without a VPN router so i was wondering if you could do the same thing for usa/american and indian channels thank you

  71. Hi Aibad,

    The channels streamed via filmon are not geolocked, that’s why they are much better than the similar tv player channels, the filmon streams have been running for over 5 years without any problems, I don’t know of any other reliable non geolocked streams which is why filmon on Android / IOS / PC is the first choice of British expats and Holliday makers .

    Do you know of a similar non geolocked source of American channels as I would also be interested in that as I currently have to use a VPN with the CW and CBS Android apps, the ABC app knows when a VPN is being used and refuses to work .


  72. What I’m looking for is a reliable source of non geolocked US channels, i.e. not the unreliable streams that seem to be on “fully loaded” kodi boxes that need constant updating or the broadcasters own streams which will be geolocked, something like filmon but for the US.

    A few years ago we could access US streams on filmon but this is no longer possible from Europe on the Android filmon app, I can only assume this is down to broadcaster restrictions

    I doubt if anyone would want to build a app for non reliable streams as everytime a stream went down it would mean more work and also grief from the the app users, at least I doubt if anyone would want to do it for free, and to be honest I don’t blame them !

  73. Just updated my roku but seem to be stuck on version 1.1.7? Or is it just that version 1.2.0 has the wrong version info (it shows as version 1.1.7 in “About” and as version 1.1 build 7 on the * info)?

  74. To you Ryan

    me again sorted it out I have 2 boxes one white one black this is great on both maybe a little slower response on the white one.
    Thank you very much this will certainly improve our viewing

  75. Hi Ryan,

    I am great fan of your work…..your are too good…hell good and hope you carry increasing your knowledge and keep sharing with us.

    just one small request if its possible for you could you please add some INDIAN/BOLLYWOOD CHANNELS they are cool to watch…..please

    many many thanks in advance.

  76. hi

    does anyone know where there is a collection of zip files to sideload to nowtv boxes?

    im just after amazon prime video to go on nowtv, I want this to make use of this box so that my kids can use my amazon account on another tv.

    i have seen it in action here –

    but he doesnt say how/and doesnt answer questions,

    the one he showed is in $$ but could do with the english one

  77. hello Ryan,

    you seem quite a knowledgeable guy,

    whats your view on this???

    “does anyone know where there is a collection of zip files to sideload to nowtv boxes?

    im just after amazon prime video to go on nowtv, I want this to make use of this box so that my kids can use my amazon account on another tv.

    i have seen it in action here –

    but he doesnt say how/and doesnt answer questions,

    the one he showed is in $$ but could do with the english one”

  78. Hi Ryan,

    I am great fan of your work…..your are too good…hell good and hope you carry increasing your knowledge and keep sharing with us.

    just one small request if its possible for you could you please add some INDIAN/BOLLYWOOD CHANNELS they are cool to watch…..please ALSO IS THERE IS ANY WAY I CAN INSTALL NETFLIX ON MY BLZCK NOWTV BOX

    many many thanks in advance.

  79. Hi, i tried to install the film on app on NOW TV following your steps, but when i select manifest on the 192.168.1.XX page it said
    Application Received: 271 bytes stored.

    Install Failure: Unzip failed. Invalid or corrupt zip archive. Unloading.

    can you help? i would like to have live TV on the NOW TV box to keep all the channels together.


  80. Thanks, I will give it a try. I am using mac. Is there any other browser that was tested that work? Tried chrome but the same result and I don’t have a window laptop.

    Also is it true that I can’t use Plex if I have the to app?

  81. Great work and fantastic app.

    Do you have any intention of adding some Irish channels such as RTE 2 and TV3 as these have the champions league games live

  82. Could you look at adding Irish channels such as RTE and TV3 to the player.
    A lot of us on smartdns connections would be well able to use it plus those actually in Ireland too.

  83. quote myself-
    “hello Ryan, you seem quite a knowledgeable guy, whats your view on this???
    “does anyone know where there is a collection of zip files to sideload to nowtv boxes?
    im just after amazon prime video to go on nowtv, I want this to make use of this box so that my kids can use my amazon account on another tv.
    i have seen it in action here –

    but he doesnt say how/and doesnt answer questions, the one he showed is in $$ but could do with the english one””

    hi again Ryan

    ive recently been told that this supposedly isnt a hoax,
    hes apparently using the app ripped from a Sony SmartTV…….
    they didnt say where to get it tho….

    im just about getting round to go and buy yet more streaming boxes, such a shame nothing can be done with these 🙁

    1. @dave, still calling it a hoax. If it worked they would have video of different programmes/films loading, and we’d all have it installed by now. The apps on a Sony TV are no way the same as a Roku app, they might have been able to extract something to reverse engineer the api calls (like I did with TVPlayer), but video playback is the hard bit and will contain hidden encryption keys.
      If you really want Amazon Prime just buy a Roku box. The Roku 2 dropped to £49.99 for a while on the weekend.

  84. Hi Dave,

    Think someones winding you up mate, apps from a smart tv aren’t likely to work on a now tv or roku unless the tv has roku built in which i don’t think any sony tv has.

    I’ve seen second hand roku’s cheap on ebay, maybe thats the way forward as they can be had for around the same price as a new now tv box & are a hell of a lot more flexible than a now tv box.


  85. Thanks for this solution!

    I have just installed this on an older Now TV box in a spare bedroom for my wife.

    She would like to view shopping channels also like QVC.

    Is this available freely?

    Kind Regards

  86. Hi

    Thanks for the reply Mark

    In regards to plex can anyone get me in touch with a reputable/reliable video on demand ONLY supplier? Need a good selection UK/USA and Indian/Bollywood movies.

    Not to keen on the IPTV Side of things on the now TV/plex.


  87. Hey Ryan:

    The Filmon app is not starting in any of my boxes. I went back to the iOS and original Roku app and the streams are working fine.
    Is there anything happening on your side by any chance?


  88. Update!
    Thanks Ryan for the reply

    I rechecked the channels again today regarding stopping after 5 minutes. All channels working fine now. Thanks!

  89. Hi Sputnikstokie,

    Filmon the supplier of the streams has been blocking them due to legal pressure I believe, the same thing happened with the last world cup on the android filmon app. One work around last time was to tune into the channel well before the match & don’t change the channel, cant promise it will work this time but it’s worth a try.
    This may only affect people in certain countries due to geo blocking, as last world cup not everyone was affected.


  90. Hi Jim Cooke,

    Yes fimon have a android app, its available in the google playstore. I don’t know if its available in the Amazon app store, if it isn’t you should be able to sideload it to the firestick from a google android device, there are apps in the google play store that will help you send the filmon app (or any other android app) to your firestick in a similar fashion as you did with Ryans app to your now tv box.


  91. Hi,

    could anyone help me please with the below error message:

    Application Received: 269173 bytes stored.

    Install Failure: No manifest. Invalid package.

    I can see in the zip file though the manifest is clearly there?


  92. Hi Ryan,

    Just wanted to say thanks. I was looking for TV without an aerial and found this. Seems better than the normal TV player to me, because it includes channels such as ITV3 that are missing from TV player.

  93. I must be thick or something. Using black NowTv box which is working fine. When I do the cheat code I get the developers screen but there is no http:// info. I found one looking into network menu as but when I put this into chrome I get a drop down asking for user name and password. Neither the NowTv nor Roku account password seems to work – any clues as to which one it may be. I might delete Roku account and start again in case I am using wrong user name as I can’t remember it asking me for one.
    PS I was writing 8502 assembly in 1981!!!

  94. OK I am thick – got it working OK. Why did it say you had to set up a Roku account? Wasn’t asked for this info anywhere.
    Great App – thanks tons

  95. filmon 1.3.0 works fine though haven’t tested the USB. Is this just flash drives or will it power an HD? Also what format would the videos have to be. Most of mine are from an Avermedia capture box as mp4. Incidentally it is a great box for recording from HDMI (after a splitter) as it is completely standalone and has space for 2.5 drive inside and takes an external USB as well.

  96. Filmon..what a great app for the now tv box, thankyou for your time and effort, i’ve just tried the USB and can’t get and videos or photos to work, this is by dragging the items onto a USB stick and plugging into the now box then clicking the USB tab at the top of the screen, am i doing it wrong..?

  97. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for making a great app.

    I came across your site because I was looking for a way to download the roku DS video app.

    Any idea where I could get the DS Video app from so that I could sideload it?

    Many thanks.


  98. Hi, I’ve managed to install all OK but when I select a channel I get an error box reading “error 646 you are not authorized”. Am I doing something wrong?

  99. Hi Ryan,
    I have to say i’m impressed of your work done. I use this boxes with 2 led projectors so I flashed both with filmon. I’m a bit annoyed of choice of channels but I understand you choice them for yourself so no fuse here. I already bought playto (free one worked but had limit of played videos). I have to say that app works now (didn’t work right last year when I tried) and do more less what filmon app do. I can use that app to control both boxes same time (but I use on one your app as its easier to use remote, I hided one because ir interfered).

    I understand you had trouble to put all channels in it as it really slow down when I browse them. I still would like to edit them as I dont need that french one. I would put there more of that horror or old movies one. What file store that stream data? nownext.json? what did you used to edit that file?

      1. I was wondering if there is any way to make the channel line up configurable on the FilmOn app. I need to add as many FTA German channels as possible.

        The app has been a liberation for me and several friends. Thank you.

  100. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the usb update for the Now TV box, I’ve installed it but haven’t had a chance to test it yet as I’m abroad at the moment & didn’t bring a stick with files on with me.
    I’m using the box while on holiday & its working well, in a German hotel i could not use it as the hotel used a web page interface to log on to the internet, (i think the device you mentioned in another blog about using a Now TV box in university halls of residence may sort that problem out) but in a Hungarian hotel I was up and running in under a minute & had the same quick setup in other hotels on my trip.
    The filmon channel choice is great for me & I’ve used your app every day of my trip (except the day in Germany !)
    I’ve a quick question, does the usb update enable the micro sd card slot too ?

    Many Thanks,


  101. Thanks for answer. Good to know that streams links are stored on your server, no point to search for them then. Like I explained, I found the way to get the rest channels by playto so no big deal. I try to contact them with rest of issues, pity they abandon that project already.

  102. Ryan, I just want to thank you for the excellent job you are doing. I am a silent admirer of you. My family and I are able to watch UK TV as expats here in the USA. Our sincere thanks to you.

  103. Hi, Ryan, we discovered your channel 5 months ago when we purchased our 2d Roku TV. Your app is the best thing about Roku. Tonight, both TVs are working well, but we cannot access your app on either Roku TV. Is there a system problem? If not, what do we need to do to continue watching your app?

  104. @ryan I got the new box today, it downloaded the latest software update and everything. I tried to install your app and so far no luck, it’s still stuck on splash screen even with a few restarts. I tried other sideloaded apps and it definitely works. Not sure what I should do?

  105. Sadly, I am having the same issue. It jut flashes the screen and nothing else. I am on ver 1.1 build 7 on Roku. Tried switching the device on and off and re installing the app. Still not working. Any advice will be appreciated.

  106. Same here also,tried deleting the Filmon app and reisnstalling and tried deleting the app, updating the Now TV box and reinstalling but still nothing, also tried the V1.2.0 and 1.3.0 versions of the app..!!!

  107. I’ve pushed 1.3.1 to the Roku store, you can force it down by visiting Settings -> System -> System Update -> Check now on the box.
    Most likely there will be a 1.3.2 in the next few days to handle the error found today if it happens again.

  108. I know you are working on the unofficial fix ,but I closed the channel .and when I try to put in artseafon it will not accept it as valid. Hope this will be helpful as We LOVE the channel. Now I have to use XTV and it is not as good. Love your work.

  109. Sorry to be clear I have a roku3 box.I deleted the channel and now it will not let me activate the channel with the artseafon code. Says channel code not associated with valid channel

  110. Hi, Ryan. Both our Roku TVs are running the app again. Thank you! We appreciate all your help to restore the app and for the best Roku channel ever!

    1. @mark as part of the start sequence it grabs a session key and then a stream key from one of the channels. This channel was recently pulled which caused the script to fail as it couldn’t find what it was looking for. If the app is sideloaded it freezes so that as a developer you can view the logs, for those who install it via as a private channel on their rokus the app just crashes back to the Roku apps page.
      I was able to VPN to my home network on my mobile phone (Raspberry Pi connected to my NOWTV Hub), telnet on to my Roku box, use the remote launch code to start the app and view the errors. Straight away I could see what the problem was and created a fix on my laptop, which I uploaded to my phone, which I then pushed to my box. Re ran and this time it didn’t crash. I then converted the ZIP to a Roku package file and uploaded that to the Roku store despite being 20 miles away from my TV and not actually having watched any content.

  111. Hi Ryan

    Bloody clever stuff mate, your prompt repair is appreciated especially as you provide & maintain the app & roku channel for free.
    I urge all that are are in a position to & appreciate what you do, to donate via the link at the page top.

    Many Thanks,


  112. Discovered you after the UKTV channel went bust two days ago. Your channel beats it by miles. You are just awesome, thank you from a British expat and his wife.

  113. Regarding the German TV channels, I have checked and there are hardly any on FilmOn. Surprising as most German SD channels are FTA. But thanks anyway Ryan for offering to add them.

  114. Hello mate
    Once I install ( side load ) your app do I have to logout and repeat the procedure to install eg Plex ?

    Could you please email me the response thanks in advance
    Appreciate your hard work

  115. Hi, Ali,

    On a now tv box , you can only install 1 sideloaded app at a time, I.E. filmon or plex not both, if you need more you will need to get a roku, where you can get the extra apps via the app store or private channel.


  116. Hey Ryan, First of all I love your app and I use it everyday so thanks for creating it. Secondly is their any chance of you adding the other free view channels onto this app i.e Drama, Home, Channel 5+1, Spike, Challenge, Dave ja vu Etc. By adding these channels to your app would just make this app even more brilliant to use!!

    Many Thanks.

  117. HI Ali,

    Happy to share any knowledge I’ve gained here, but I can’t take any credit for the app & further knowledge which is all down to the originator of the app and this blog Ryan.


  118. Hi Ryan thanks for responding to my question. Well then in that case do you know of any other ways or any other sideload apps I can use on the Now TV Box in order to view the full lineup of UK Freeview channels?
    Or is it any chance of that TV Player app ever going to work again in the near future? Can’t be that hard to crack their TV stream encryption surly?


  119. So a complete NEWBIE here….Read all the posts (almost). Followed the link at the top of the page re instructions and did everything word for word. Logged into NOWTV online ( Using black box) and once I had the IP address development page up I downloaded the FILMON 1.3.1 download and browsed the file from the development page, ET VOILA!
    I now have Dave and Quest among other channels as we can only get FREESAT here in the sticks in Wales and Freeview reception sucks…leaving only a choice of paying SKY or finding something brilliant like this. Worked first time…Many Many thanks Really grateful
    Thankyou Ryan!!

  120. Can I just say thank-you for your brilliant app. It’s always been great, but the latest version that includes the USB player is a work of genius!

    Many thanks for your work on this – it makes a NowTV box twice (three times?) as useful.

  121. Would it be possible to copy and sideload Amazon Prime app from roku (official app that works in uk) onto nowtv black box? Who might have a zip file with Amazon app from roku? Secondly, anyone got roku firmware to try force flash onto black nowtv box?

  122. Maybe I can shed some light on this on the official now TV website they have said certain boxes are having issues freezing downloading opening crashing they are working on a fix

  123. @Ryan,

    I use a sep DNS for my Nowtv setup using a VPN network on this via my work system so that would more than likely explain it with my IP address.

    1. @paul and @michael at the moment custom m3u playlists aren’t possible, but it’s the next feature on the list to be worked on. Just need the time in the evening, and with the Olympics I don’t have it right now.

      1. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I loaded the unzipped files of 1.4.4 on USB into my Roku and explored it. Roku is not reading all the files on the USB and it is not loading anything. Ryan, any advice will be appreciated. Very keen to try M3U streams.
        Great work. Much appreciated.

  124. What a diamond you are!! i know so little about electronics but you my friend are a genius. after several hours pondering about the new smart tvbox and noneof their on line helpers giving me a straight answer i came across this… expect a donation soon. cheers buddy

  125. I’ve finally added the app to the NOW TV Smart Box and is excellent. Now what is surprising is the PQ from the FilmOn streams. I’ve streamed using Kodi in the past, using the 50Hz settings on a Fire Stick and it streams at a sub-standard bitrate, where as the app appears to be streaming at a higher bitrate? Are they the same streams?

  126. Hello real like the idea of having filmon on the now tv box Thank you
    I would like to ask do you know of an IPTV app for the now tv box for use with a remote m3u playlist?
    Kind regards Mick

  127. HI Ryan,

    Sorry to make a request while you have a lot on & there is no hurry, but is it possible to make a Standard def only version of the app?

    I’m currently in a tourist resort where the internet speed dips at certain times of year and even at certain times of day as the peak season population is 5 times the normal amount , my thinking is that a sd version would load quicker & is less likely to pause when the internet speed is lousy !
    I’ve not seen this happen at home (where i have fiber) but have now seen it where the internet speed is not so good, and was thinking that those who have previously posted about stop / start problems may be suffering from poor internet speeds affecting the app.
    I could well be wrong and certainly wont be offended if you think I am.


  128. HI
    Just loaded the FilmOn app on NowTV Smart box – great stuff. The USB player option works well.
    Would it be possible to add the USB functionality into the Plex Classic sideload zip for the NowTV box ? Hopefully the USB functions would work even when the server isn’t running. I suppose this would be an alternative a bit like RARflix was.

    1. Hi
      I’m lost do you mean it’s an upgrade ?
      What a fantastic app that’s a touch genius installing the USB facility appreciate and keep up the excellent work

  129. 1.4.3-beta didn’t work for me on the Smart Box, I could get to the channel menu, but none of the channels would work and the box crashed.

    1.3.1. on the other hand, which I sideloaded again works perfectly.

    While I’m here, can I request BFMTV be added to the channel list please?

  130. @Ryan. Installed 1.4.4-beta today. M3U streams playing perfectly. Thank You.

    Suggestion: The Roku Media Player plays m3u streams from a playlist.m3u file saved on usb stick inserted into Roku.
    Could your inbuilt USB media player be adapted to do the same?

    Again thanks for making a good little media box into a great one.

  131. Hi,

    I’ve installed the FilmOn app and it works brilliantly! Not only for the live tv feeds, but also the USB function. Thank you so much for the ZIP, it makes the Now TV box so much better.

  132. Hi, fantastic work! I’ve been enjoying this app for some time until I just got the ‘splash page’ and I have tried to update to the latest version of your app. (Which is fantastic work and I will donate again.) I cannot access developer options via the ip for device as I used to? Is there something I’ve missed in the latest NowTV update maybe they have stopped it?

  133. Hi Ryan,

    First thing, this is a fantastic app, thanks for making and supporting it for us.

    I have a couple of requests:

    1: Can you give us an option to remove certain channels (there are a lot of filler channels in there and it would be nice to be able to remove/hide them and improve performance on the white box)

    2: Can you add support for 4:3 TV’s (so it fills the screen and cuts of the sides rather than compress the video down in to a super wide screen)

    1. @simon at the moment there is no custom channel list, something I might consider but not sure the best way to manage it within the Roku GUI and code.
      As for 4:3, it uses the Roku video output, I suggest you change your TV display mode to crop if that’s your preferred way of watching.

  134. I don’t understand how you can upload a custom stream using the app? I know how to do it in Kodi by uploading the m3u8 playlist file using Playlist Loader, but it seems you need to host the file somewhere first?

  135. Hi Ryan many thanks for your fab add on to the now tv box. I see you talking about the 1.4.4-beta; is that another version of the Could you please explain what the difference is? How do i install this? When i next get paid (monthly) i will make a donation. Thanks again your help appreciated. Dave

  136. @Ryan while the option to run an m3u8 stream is great there tends to be more than 1 that we would want to run in the course of a day, can you alter the app to be able to read a playlist, it would be easier instead of having to keep going into your URL to change the address.

  137. Thanks Ryan for the amazing app, it’s been working great ever since I downloaded it a few months ago. Love that you are working on being able to send custom links to play as well, any chance you could make it so that you can just send a direct mp4 url to the player? Cheers, Steve.

  138. Hi Tim,

    The app is working fine for me on both Roku & Now Tv boxes, try rebooting your box & test your internet speed as what you describe sounds like poor speed and/or poor connection to your router.


  139. Hi Ryan,

    I was wondering if you could add the loading of m3u playlist files from a USB stick.

    Then it creates a channel list of the channels in a list, like IPTV android app from Alexander Sofronov.

    Cheers JJ

  140. How do you get .m3u8 streams to work, I’ve tried tons of different ones without success, keep getting a “loading custom stream” screen that hangs there forever.

    p.s Ryan man you’re a fucking legend for putting all of this together, can’t thank you enough.

      1. An idea might be to make it hierarchical by language/country. This is how the FilmOn channel guide is presented on their Kodi plugin. This way all the filmon channels could feature without cluttering up the guide too much.

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