WinnerGear Rumba Earphones Review

I’ve used these WinnerGear Rumba Earphones now whilst in the house, walking to work and on the train. I was sent them for free to review and normally use Soundpeats Qy7 bluetooth headphones.

The audio quality is better than my bluetooth headphones and a huge increase on my normal emergency earphones (which came with one of my past mobiles). Although they aren’t noise cancelling, they do a good job of stopping other noises get in. They are sold as “best bass”, I’m no expert but the bass did sound better and not at the cost of the other ranges.

They are braided which gives a nice feel and helps with pocket knots, but I still ended up with one today. There is no volume control, but an answer/pause button. The earbuds did a good job of staying in my ears the whole time and there are two alternative sizes provided in the storage pouch.


  • Good sound quality
  • Nice feel and finish
  • Sit in my ears perfectly
  • No need to worry about battery life


  • Not wireless
  • Tangle in my pocket
  • A tad too expensive at £20

Overall they won’t replace my bluetooth headphones as I’m not keen on the wires, however they will be kept for the dreaded moments when my headphones say “battery low”.

Score: 7/10

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