FAWSL Fixtures 2013 Google Calendar

So after deciding that I wouldn’t bother this year, I gave in when the new fixture list was published last week.
After multiple lines of copy paste, edit, tweak I began to think surely my computer can be doing most of this. So I sat down and spent more time than I would have liked looking at the Google Calendar API, and finally managed to knock together some PHP which took the text I had copied from the FAWSL fixture list and inserted them as Google Calendar events.
Fortunately I can now reuse this code for future seasons and other possible events like the Euros or World Cup.
But now that it’s done what next. Well the calendar is public so if you too want the fixtures you can add the calendar to your account. The easiest way is to click the + Google Calendar button below. Or if you prefer ICAL or XML copy the link address and add it to your software.
As with my other public calendars I will try to ensure that it is up to date as possible, but this does require noticing when a fixture has been moved. Let me know if you spot any.

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