Time to stop using Twitter.com

Recently I’ve seen a large number of tweet moaning about “New” Twitter, whether it’s the layout, lack of old style retweets, or the constant pestering at the top that there are New Tweets for you to read.

This surprises me, as I really didn’t think anyone was still using the website to read twitter, but then checking nearly everyone has “via web” at the end of their tweets.

So how do you avoid all these problems? Use a webclient instead. I’m going to recommend dab.argh, why? Because it’s my webclient. It’s a branch of dabr an open source project which was first created to improve the dreadful mobile client.

The differences between the two are subtle, but then built around my needs not the team’s.

The timeline doesn’t switch colours between odd and even tweets, but tweets from you are highlighted.

The PC theme includes larger avatars.

New style retweets are displayed more like old style retweets, but highlighted using RT.


The search for @user, also performs a search for tweets from @user allowing you to hopefully seeing everything to and from them.

Beta mute – don’t care about #xfactor and #cbb? Add them to the mute list to have the tweets faded out.

Clever expansion of t.co links.

A different approach to generating the thumbnails for linked pictures/videos.

And no adverts, mainly because only a few people use the site and I can run it off the back of my VPS, but if everyone starting using it, it would either die or I would need to charge/run adverts.

Why not give it a go, I welcome suggestions and added two only last week for @alexfoster.

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