Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-03

  • @cnps 991 #
  • nexus one free on a £40 a month (18months) tariff with Vodafone and in shops: – desire £5 less a month #

  • RT @helenduffett: Revolutionary Nick Clegg graffiti #
  • "95% of users love the bar's utility." was this a survey of the office? #
  • RT @jamesgraham: Won't voters be confused by Tory claims that the LDs and Lab plan to bring back hanging? Way to alienate your core vote! #
  • @gift_of_the_fab had you not seen the Vogue clip on the Fox website? in reply to gift_of_the_fab #
  • why does the NUS really believe that Labour candidates won't vote for higher fees? It's was them who brought us fees and top fees! #
  • @Sun_Election so that's what happens when you pull out of a Labour PR stunt, poor Peppa Pig. in reply to Sun_Election #
  • RT @jamesgraham: Double blow for Labour: not only have they lost Peppa Pig, but it turns out Iggle Piggle is the leader of the Tory party #

  • RT @rfenwick: If you only watch one video in this election, make it this one. Less than 2 mins. #ge2010 #
  • Newark only has 4 candidates for the General Election, anywhere with 3? #
  • @BBCLauraK yet they moan when he won't say. Also pretty sure a manifesto is a list of stuff parties would do after an election. in reply to BBCLauraK #
  • @liz_with_hat did you not get any screen shots? in reply to liz_with_hat #
  • @PaulOBrien Nexus ROM? in reply to PaulOBrien #
  • @cnps 993 #
  • @cnps 994 #
  • Beatrice cries loudest when Cameron speaks #leadersdebate #
  • RT @BeauBodOr: If you're offered a job & can't do it, you're name is George Osborne. #
  • RT @flashboy: Lovely backdrop, btw. I look forward to the bit where Nick Clegg unveils the next generation iPhone. #
  • RT @timminchin: Jesus, Cameron. "Change" is only good if the changes are good I want my health to change but cancer wouldnt be my preference #
  • Fulham through to the Europa League final. Liverpool gone to extra time. #
  • @rickysline1978 delete and retweet. Must remember to check for any auto corrects. in reply to rickysline1978 #
  • @cnps 995 – only 4 to go!!! #
  • worried that the weather will turn bad again this evening. why am I stuck in the office when leaflets could be delivered in the sun? #
  • the @Sun_Election feed seems to be obsessed with Clegg. Do you think they are getting worried? #disobeymurdoch #
  • Was out walking 3.26 miles with #Endomondo See it here: #
  • @alexfoster nope sat in my pocket. The GPS receiver seems to be pretty good in my Nexus. in reply to alexfoster #
  • if you get a chance you should watch todays Daily Show, first half UK election including #bigotgate #
  • Was out walking 3.83 miles with #Endomondo See it here: #
  • RT @Wossy: My daughter is excited. Her first election! She watched all the debates and is just about to put the Lib Dem poster in her window #

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