Is there an election going on in #Lincoln?

It’s a question one might ask if they visited

The homepage has no mention of an event taking place on the 6th May

Clicking on Residents still has no clues.

Trying Elections in the sidebar finally takes me to a bland page which has a link for 2010 Elections.

And then visiting this page I am only informed about the seats per ward for the council elections with the rules.

At the moment there isn’t a list of candidates for the City of Lincoln council election for which we have thirds (nominations closed last Thursday).
And amazingly there is no mention of a General Election. No information on what to do if you wish to stand, when they might be counting the result and how to register to vote if you aren’t on the electoral register.

Whilst I knew that this was never going to be the year of the e-lection, this is shocking behavior from the City Council.

2 thoughts on “Is there an election going on in #Lincoln?

  1. I’ve searched eveywhere on the Net and there is no list of candidates for any of the lincoln boroughs,but lets face it Lincoln City Council is the worst council in the country at getting anything right.I was on the citizens panel ,what a waste of effort that was.They asked everyones opinions then did exactly the opposite, rubbish always will be no matter which party runs it.The money this city wastes is amazing but the business rates pay for there mess ups so everyones happy aren’t they?

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Just to clear up a few things on here, we are updating election information on the website which can be accessed from the banner on the homepage or by visiting

    I’d also like to bring your attention to Lincoln’s involvement in this years Open Election Data project ( where we are formatting our election information and, ultimately, results in such a way that they can be automatically and in real time compiled into a nationwide database. For this election the steps we are taking now will help us to update the results on election night; for the future we are ensuring that all our archived results are posted to our website in a standard way.

    We do appreciate any comments and we do listen to constructive criticism. If you have any feedback you wish to share or if you want to know more about how we are working to support open data in general, please feel free to get in touch via Twitter to @lincolncouncil or by completing the contact form at

    Many thanks.

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