iPlayer to allow downloads to mobile phones…

…sort of. The BBC have launched Sideloading in which you can now download programmes from the iPlayer in a lower res format to copy across to your phone or video playing handheld device.
The current restrictions are that your mobile must play DRM Windows Media files and that the downloads take place on a Windows PC.
This looks like another great bit of progress for the iPlayer project, just need to get myself a new phone which will play the files now.

2 thoughts on “iPlayer to allow downloads to mobile phones…

  1. Yawn, the iPhone and iPod touch have had exclusive mobile streaming for the last 6 months. You can watch the flash streamed version on any Mac, which is lot better than the PC download client which hogs the bandwidth.
    And the main reason why there aren’t Mac versions isn’t because the BBC don’t like them, but Apple not working with the beeb in providing DRM protection for their files.

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