Cadbury’s and Sony Adverts

Both Cadbury and Sony use the same people to come up with their recent ads. Out of the most recent six, three are great, one is good, one is ok, and one is crap.


This was the first Sony advert, set in San Francisco with the bouncy balls falling down the hill. It falls into my great catergory, very original, music was perfect (who didn’t get the Jose Gonzalez album) and it brought back images of childhood.


The second Sony ad falls into the OK category, it felt too fake and if it wasn’t for the behind the scenes video I would have never believed that they actually used real paint. I’m guessing the big problem was using a Scottish tower block, it didn’t have that American polish that the others have.


Another one of my great ads, very colourful, the soundtrack fits right in and if I had a chance I would have purchased one of the rabbits or fly out to NY.

Foam City

Set in Miami, the latest Sony Ad falls into the good category, it calm, peaceful and very impressive, just lacks the omph from the previous ad.


This advert for Cadbury was clever. The first time you see it with the close-ups you’re not sure what’s going on and then the pan out for the drumming scene works really well. Not 100% certain about Phil Collins, but hey it still features in my great catergory, just leaving one advert…


… which is the worst of the lot. I just don’t like it. We have different coloured trucks racing, now if they related them to different variations of Dairy Milk (green for mint, orange for orange) then it might have worked. Also they felt the need to start the ad with the glass and a half logo, giving away what the product was before you’ve even seen the first 10 seconds.

I hope to do more advert blogging, because for some reason I like watching them, just depends whether I get around to doing it.

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