Should I bother to vote?

Ballot PapperI’m still one of the undecideds. I really have no idea who I should vote for. But the question I’m asking myself is, should I bother to vote?

Last time around I voted for Ming, then when I went to conference I got evil stares from my Huhne friends and I have the feeling that whoever I vote for this time, the campaign team of the other will be making remarks about why we would have been better off with theirs and the stares will return.

But if I don’t vote neither side can blame me (unless it turns out to be a draw) and I keep all my mates happy.

3 thoughts on “Should I bother to vote?

  1. Imagine – you are sitting watching Newsnight in the middle of the next election and the Lib Dem leader is about to come on to be grilled by Paxo.

    Which of them do you think will come across better for the party?

    If you genuinely can’t decide, then don’t vote.

    If you can, vote for them.

    Then tell your friends you didn’t vote;)

  2. I had evolved a similar scenario to help me decide:

    It’s 17 December. The returning officer comes out from behind a red velvet curtain (I was watching Moulin Rouge) and announces that there will have to be a recount as it’s too close to call. There is a sharp intake of breath, anxious looks are exchanged (this scenario is admittedly based on the entire party being gathered in one place in front of a platform, but go with it). Four agonising hours later, the returning officer comes back beaming, plays a fanfare on some sort of trumpet and sweeps back the red velvet curtain to reveal…


  3. At least spoil the paper if you can’t choose between them, use it as an opportunity to send a message to the party about your feelings…plus its always interesting to see which party has the best turnout in their elections!

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