Crap summer?

Everybody seems to be going on how this summer has just been crap, and for those who are still living in temporary accommodation after the flood it must be, however:
In June, Heather and I got married and had perfect weather all day. Our honeymoon in Sorrento was in the 30’s everyday.
We went to Kew Gardens, where it was lovely except for a small thunderstorm.
Heather sang at Bury St Edmunds, St Edmundsbury Cathedral where I sat in the sun for hours and had a great time at the Greene King Brewery.
We took Sasha and Rhys to Whipsnade Zoo, which was also a hot day, followed by me going to watch Arsenal on the Sunday which again was a fine day.
We went to Clumber Park this weekend, and yep that was a great day too.
So whilst it might have been a bit rubbish whilst I’ve been sat behind my desk, on the days we’ve made plans to go out it’s been wonderful.

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