What to watch over the summer

Today at work I was trying to work out what I could start watching over the summer period. 24, Smallville, My Name is Earl, Battlestar Galactica and Heroes are now over and it won’t be long before Lost stops too. This is now leaving me with around 5-6 hours of TV time free.
But then on the way home I remembered what I watch to fill my free time over the summer. Big Brother! With pictures of the new house in the papers and on the web, I can’t believe that I couldn’t put the two together. Season Eight is only 8 days away, so whilst all the good American TV is on it’s break, I’ll just put up with the cheap space filling stuff you get on Channel 4.

YAY: Whilst researching this post I had originally wrote

On top of that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has been axed.

but the NBC website shows a NEW episode to be aired this Thursday. Web reports show that there are 6 episodes still to be aired and that the future of Studio 60 is still being decided.

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