24 and the re-occuring plot lines

Watching Season 6, I’m beginning to wonder if the script writers for 24 have finally run out of plots. Every episode seems to be a repeat of a previous season. Yet for some reason I keep watching.

Note possible spoiler alert if you have yet to watch any 24 or West Wing

25th AmendmentHowever it did get me interested in American politics again, and I’ve just Googled “25th Amendment“, as I was curious about the number of times it’s actually been used. Wikipedia had the answers, and said five. Two were to do with appointing Vice Presidents, so I wasn’t that bothered about them, however it was interesting to see it obviously being used after Nixon, and then Section 3 was used twice, once by Regan to allow Bush Snr to have power, and then Bush Jnr to let Cheney have a quick go.
Further on Wikipedia I found info on TV shows where the 25th had been used. For me the most memorable one was in the West Wing at the end of season 4 / start of season 5 where John Goodman got to run the country (now will Cheney get to go to events like Goodman did?). However I hadn’t realised that 24 were now on the 3rd time, first was when Jim Robinson stole power from Palmer, the second which I forgot was after John Keeler got shot down and Logan took control, and now in season 6 after the assignation attempt on Palmer 2, the evil Noah Daniels has taken over.

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  1. Due to their patchy availability at my local Blockbuster, I rented and watched the first four seasons of 24 in reverse order. Put that way round, they got better and better!

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