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Just reading the MyBlogLog Blog and have discovered that they’ve been swallowed up by Yahoo! Hopefully new servers and stuff should mean that they have less downtime and better spam filters. Then whilst wandering about the web I noticed the Gravatar is back up and running, although as much as the claims about servers being better I’m noticing the image display to be a bit slow. However if you don’t have a Gravatar account already get one. It really helps give you a sense of identity on the web when posting on LibDemBlogs or even comments on most blogs these days.

4 thoughts on “MyBlogLog and Gravatar

  1. But the Gravator website is so poor. I haev set up an e-mail address, uploaded two avatars to go with it, but it does not allow me to associate any of them with my e-mail address.

    It tells me to click on one ot associate it, but nothing happens and their help screen does nothing. Utter crap !

  2. When you click on the picture you should get a Confirm or Cancel overtop, possibility that some kind of browser incompatibility / popup blocker / spam filter might be the issue.
    Remember the site only went live again yesterday.

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