Charlie Brooker on Macs

On the Guardian website Charlie Brooker has some really good commentary and shares most of my views about Macs and their users.
This quote is brilliant

Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults

and those Mitchell and Webb ads are already pissing me off. Mostly because my PC hasn’t rebooted since, well I can’t remember it’s been years, whilst the Mac at my mums house should be doing it’s half-hour crash any second now.
But best of all about the article, the ads on the page 🙂

One thought on “Charlie Brooker on Macs

  1. Whereas my Windows boxes have always crashed and my Mac is pretty good.
    My Linux boxes are the most stable however (although they have problems like when firefox decides to take 100% of the CPU for no reason).

    I rather like the OS X interface, and its nice and quick and intuitive. The Unixishness is also good for me as I use Linux all day at work and have used it at home for several years.

    I dislike the fanboy attitude which many Mac fans have though.

    Use the best tool for the job, for me its not Windows most of the time, its Linux for work and a Mac for home and media stuff and a Windows box for games.

    Of course, we all know the one true OS was RISC OS 😉

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