Cheap flights in the Echo?

During this and last week the Lincolnshire Echo have been running a promotion with RyanAir to get 1p flights.
To get your cheap flight you need to buy 12 newspapers collecting the letters which appear each day. Next you need to rearrange these letters in to a 3 word passphrase to get the cheap flights via a special URL.
To put this offer to the test I went to the RyanAir website on the weekend to look at the price of flights if I booked them right now.
What did I find? The ability to book flights from 1p without the need for any Echo promotional code. My worry for the Echo readers is that they will wait until Saturday for the last letters to appear and then suddenly find all the cheap seats to have gone as other readers have got there first. To avoid this problem Heather and I booked two return flights to Dublin straight away all in for £67.96 from East Midlands Airport. Compared to the cost of getting a Saver Return to London of £105.40, it allows us to get a much nicer hotel room and hopefully we won’t have to stand all the way as well.

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