A new 4GB Memory Stick Duo Pro for my P990

Having a fancy new phone which has amazing video playback, the ability to run TomTom Navigator 6, store the A-Z of central London and be used as an MP3 player I decided that my 1GB memory card was just too small.
So I went out and purchased a 4GB card. With this I placed all the music from my hard drive (around 20 albums), TomTom, the A-Z, plus around 1.5hours worth of TV shows and found myself to have only used 2GB so far.
So for those of you who have a P990i, a W850i or even a PSP I would recommend this bloke on eBay for some of the cheapest (but original) Memory Stick Duo Pro’s.

3 thoughts on “A new 4GB Memory Stick Duo Pro for my P990

  1. Hi there. Noticed you just bought a 4GB pro duo card. Have you had any problems writing to it. I recently bought a 2GB card of e-bay, super seller, UK not abroad. Every time I try to write to card it states write protection enabled. The card is a Sandisk. Just wondered if you had any problems. Keep up the good work, Micky D

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