BoratHeather and I went to Borat on Sunday. Whilst I laughed most of the way through it, I left the cinema feeling half entertained.
People criticise the film for portraying the Kazakhs as rapist and anti-semitic, however it’s obvious they are not. The film is partly sold on how stupid Americans are, however unlike Ali G the interviews are cut very short in a way that it seems that after 30 minutes of filming only 2 minutes could be used to make a point. Everyone seemed quite innocent, and only the frat students and the guy at the rodeo come across bad but I know people in the UK who hold similar views.
You’re never too sure which people were in on the joke or were actors, the hooker? And in those final scenes, if they weren’t in on it, surely he would have been shot at in the car park of the Virgin Megastore?
However there were funny bits, the ice cream van, the bear, and that fight scene.
If you’ve got nothing else to see and you’re going to the cinema, it’s worth watching, but you may just want to wait for the DVD. 6 out of 10.

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