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Now I noticed quite a few people (well maybe just Will and Rob) reading LibDem Blogs via their mobile. Using Opera Mini they were able to shrink the whole site so that it fitted on their small screens.
However I was using a script that I wrote some years ago. This script only loaded the posts and ignored everything else. After speaking to Will in the bar I decided to revamp the script and publicise it. So the new url is It’s been tested on Opera Mobile 9 on my P990i and the built in browser on Heather’s K800i. I’ve also added some customisation using cookies, so it’s possible to show the posts from the last x hours or even the most recent y posts. You can even choose to show the MyBlogLog Stats, the full list of contributors and the news feeds which appear on the side bar.
Please give it a go, and if you have any feedback please let me know which mobile phone you used, if it was the built in browser or Opera Mini and what network you are on.

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