BuriedBack in May I went and saw Mark Billingham at the Lincoln Book Festival. Whilst there I got his latest book Buried signed. However only last week did I actually finish the book. It’s not that I’ve been busy reading other books or that the book was a slow one to read, it’s just that I haven’t actually read anything for 3 months. When I finally got around to reading it the book was finished in 4 days. Unlike other Billingham books this one is centred around a kidnapping and not a murder. It still has Tom Thorne and the rest of the usual characters appear throughout the book.
If you’ve enjoyed any of the other books, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. 8/10

ps, anyone got any idea why the new book Johnny Come Home by Jake Arnott isn’t on Amazon? I’ve just started reading it and had the book on my shelves for quite a while so it can’t be that new, but can’t add the link to my sidebar.

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