New Style

After two hard days of getting it to work, the new style for LibDem Blogs is live.
Hopefully the layout is easier to read, and with the discrete advertising that has slipped in, some of my bandwidth costs can be covered.
Please leave feedback in the comments, as the site is there for you the readers and not me.

8 thoughts on “New Style

  1. Have you got a paypal account somewhere that people can donate to to help cover your costs? I’d probably slip (liturally) a couple of quid in now and then as it’s a service I appreciate.

  2. I generally like it, although like “m” I miss the LibDem Bird and the banner needs some working on – it’s a bit of a strain on the eyes to read the words “LibDem Blogs”, I’m guessing because parts of it at black on black. Maybe the title should be on a plain background on the left of the banner that blends into the collage of blogs?

  3. Rob

    m – Libby is everywhere else on the page, felt it was time to move it from the top

    Gavin – Take your point, for the moment there’s a white background behind the title.

    The image at the top was the last thing to be designed. I have my eye on a different header, but may have to wait awhile before it’s ready.
    If anyone wants to make a better one it needs to be 760 pixels wide and between 100 and 200 pixels high.
    It can contain the words LibDem Blogs in the image or have it placed on top.

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