A response from Sainsburys

The following is the correspondence between myself and Sainsburys

From: Ryan Cullen
Sent: 8 Dec 2005 20:40

It was recently noted that 10-20 people have managed to get Jerry Springer the Opera banned from your stores.
As a regular shopper and a former staff member, could I therefor ask that you should remove the Daily Mail immediately as it offends my beliefs.

To: Ryan Cullen
Sent: 9 Dec 2005 08:33

Dear Mr Cullen,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I am very sorry that you are unhappy with our decision to stop selling Jerry Springer, The Opera on DVD.

Please let me assure you that we would never wish to cause offence to any of our customers. As a retailer, we feel we should offer our customers a choice of what to buy. We monitor all feedback about the products on sale in our stores and I can confirm that we are no longer selling Jerry Springer, The Opera.

Thank you again for letting us know how you feel. We are committed to getting things right for our customers and I do hope I have been able to offer you some assurance.

Kind regards,

Kelly Brookes
Sainsbury’s Customer Services

From: Ryan Cullen
Sent: 9 Dec 2005 21:51

Whilst I have no concerns over you selling Jerry Springer, The Opera, I do have concerns over the Daily Mail which is what my email was regarding.
Can you please inform me if you are planning to remove this publication as I’m sure there must be others who have contacted yourselves regarding the sale of it.

I look forward to your reply.

Ryan Cullen

To: Ryan Cullen
Sent: 12 Dec 2005 14:55

Dear Ryan

Thank you for your further email. I am sorry that my colleague’?s response to your previous email was inappropriate. I can assure you it was intended in the best possible faith, and I know my colleague made every effort to reply to your question fairly and honestly.

I do appreciate that your original email was to ask that we remove the Daily Mail from sale in our stores. I have passed your comments on to our buyers for their consideration. They will carefully monitor all the feedback we receive from our customers and will make an informed decision in due course.

Thank you once again for your email and our support with this issue. We are always keen to have views and comments from customers, as it helps us to monitor our service and make improvements where necessary. Your views are therefore most welcome.

Kind regards

Graham Salmon
Customer Response Team
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd.

Maybe well see it being removed from the shelves.

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