Hemel clouded in smoke

BuncefieldAs somebody who always leaves their phone on, last night I switched it off. When I turned it back on at 8 this morning I had 3 new text messages.
Mum, Rebecca and Heather informed me to watch the news. I went straight downstairs, and saw the pictures. It’s seems that an explosion has happened at the Buncefield Fuel Depot (which is actually in Hemel, BBC), large flames can be seen on the TV and well as the huge amount of smoke.
I’ve spoken to my Mum and sister who were awoken at 6am by the large explosion, and they both seem to be fine, however I believe they will be spending the whole day indoors watching News 24 or Sky News.
As a child there were always worries about Buncefield as a possible target for the IRA, however it seems that our disaster predictions of the whole of Hemel disappearing in to a hole were wrong.
I’ve added a Google News feed to the sidebar for the moment for all the latest news at Hemel.

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