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As I guessed there have been troubles since DataFlame switched my sites to a new server. The main problem seems to be that my cron jobs aren’t running. The cron job is used to generate the half hourly versions of LibDemBlogs, so if it hasn’t updated for a while it’s because I’ve not manually poked it.
I’ve also modified the code slightly so that it only shows posts that were posted before now. This means that “future” posts are ignored. If you find these are your, please make sure that you date settings are set to either GMT or BST.

3 thoughts on “LibDemBlog Stuff

  1. Yep the number of blogs are increasing.
    The cron jobs seems to be fixed, with my webhosts finally installing GET on the unix server, something I sussed out at 10.30 last night, but which took them until 5.30 this morning to solve.

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