Always On Top Maker

An old application that I’ve been hunting for since I managed to destroy my old installation of Windows is Always On Top Maker.
It’s free, it’s simple and if you put a shortcut in the Startup folder it will always run.
Just a quick Ctrl+Alt+T will put a window on top of everything else.
Great for stuff like the BBC mini windows with the cricket scores.

One thought on “Always On Top Maker

  1. Hi,

    The always-on-top maker sounds like a great plug in, might download that for myslef – but that’s not why I’m writing, I couldn’t find another way to email you from here.

    I found your blog after running a google image search for a “kullen wardrobe”. I was directed to your Ikea post from back in June. I want to buy one of these, but before I make the trip to Ikea (there’s only one in my country) I was wondering if it had shelves or hanging space on the inside of it’s three doors? Some shelves I can deal with, but the hanging space is what I am after.

    If you don’t think I’m mad for asking, it’d be great if you could let me know…

    As for the P990, not such a fan, sorry 😉

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