Tebbit: ‘Cricket test’ could have stopped bombings

What is he on? Does this mean that I shouldn’t be supporting the Irish football team, or my New Zealand friends shouldn’t support the All Blacks at rugby?

2 thoughts on “Tebbit: ‘Cricket test’ could have stopped bombings

  1. All these “homegrown” Terrorists come precisely from the community that Lord Tebbit was so concerned about when he made his “cricket test” comments in 1990.

    BBC Link

    Lord Tebbit said the ‘cricket test’ was a means of gauging whether a community had integrated.

    “If a community was looking back at where it had come from instead of looking forward with the people to whom they had come to, then there is going to be a problem sooner or later.”

    Well, today it’s Sooner. But Lord Tebbit has been warning England that this was coming for 16 years.

  2. And, what he said in 1990 is still the case today with the Pakistani community in England.

    ‘Traitor’ Sajid battles against the crowd
    By Staff Sports Reporter

    BOLTON-born Sajid Mahmood won his battle with a section of the Headingley crowd to play a key role in England’s emphatic third npower Test victory over Pakistan.

    The Lancashire seamer became a target for a particular corner of the ground, who labelled him a traitor because his parents were both born in Pakistan before emigrating to England in the 1970s.

    This Is Lancashire Link




    During England’s Test victory over Pakistan on Tuesday he was targeted by some fans who accused him of betraying his Pakistani heritage.


    The British Pakistani community may live within England, but they don’t consider themselves of England.

    Sajid Mahmood WAS BORN IN ENGLAND so it is right and proper for him to play for England. So the real traitors were those who were calling him traitor.

    16 years later Lord Norman Tebbit is still Right!

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