Blackberry on a P910i

Yes, it is now possible!
A few things to note first of all. THIS IS NOT OFFICALLY SUPPORTED!. I have it working with a Vodafone SIM with APN enabled and a Vanilla P910i using the Web Client Software.

First download this zip file from Sony Ericsson.
Once you unzip the file, you will need to install the .sis file onto your P910i.
The file is only unpacked, so you will need to go to the Application Menu of your phone, and select Applications -> Install and select Blackberry.
When the software runs, select Instant Email. You will now see the Blackberry icon flashing. Press the OFF button on the software to stop the Blackberry from trying to connect to GPRS.
Now open your Control Panel, select the Connections tab, and in here select Internet Accounts. Highlight BWC Blackberry.Net and select Edit, then Advanced and then rename the Address to
Turn your phone off and then back on. Hopefully now you should connect to the Blackberry server (Blackberry logo shouldn’t be flashing).
Go back into the Blackberry software and select Blackberry -> Register Now. This should tell the blackberry webserver your PIN and IMEI number.
Now on the internet with your computer visit and setup a new account.
If possible get your mail provider to Forward emails to the vodafone email address, instead of accessing it via POP3.
You should now have Blackberry working on your phone.

Points to note
You need Blackberry enabled on your account
You need a certain firmware version CXC16204x R2A17
This “should” work for other operators, but check what the APN needs to be to talk to Blackberry.
For more instructions on setting up an Enterprise Blackberry connect, read this post on HowardForums

Update – 23rd August 2005
The latest version of the software 2.54.4 works with CDA162005/3 R5A02
You can download it from here:

Update – 24th January 2006
Looks like this no longer works on Vodafone UK. PINs seem to be blocked for the P910’s 🙁

Update – 26th July 2006
Actually have this working again (for some months). If you have an Enterprise server, you’ll get around the PIN blocking. Vodafone have also decided not to support this software at all and it looks like they won’t support it for the M600i and the P990i.

7 thoughts on “Blackberry on a P910i

  1. 🙂
    SIS file in v2.2.8 is usually customised to the provider; there’s another one at (in German, click on the link where it says user: connect and pw: connect. SIS file is considerably larger than usual (> 1MB) but it works.
    I’m using a plain vanilla P910i of the first generation issued by Vodafone Germany (unbranded Symbian surface), stepping 162006 R2A17. It works !

  2. i have everything you state up and running – EXCEPT vodafone – they refuse to set up blackberry using the imei and pin i get from my p910i. same old reason – legal issues with rim

    how did you go about adding bb settings to your account?

  3. The IEMI / Pin setup worked without having to contact Vodafone, just went to and entered the details (this also works for Nokia 6810’s and 6820’s).
    Getting Blackberry on your tariff can be harder. For me I just borrowed somebodys Blackberry SIM card to test the software. Best method is to say you’ve been given a Blackberry 7100v from work and you’d like to try it on your current talk plan. It should cost about £15+vat per month.

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