No 24 Spoilers Here, Sorry

Back in August 2004, I made this post “Major ’24’ spoilers revealed“.
Today, I am currently 9th on Google for the search 24 spoilers. It must be a real disappointment for all those who have visited the page (661 this month, 2035 this year), as it only contains a link to a site which is on about episodes 1 and 2.
As somebody who gets sent a copy each week from America, and are currently waiting for this Mondays episode to arrive, I’m guessing that the episode was a big one, as the number of people visiting my blog was up by 200% yesterday.

I was tempted to edit the page, and add fake spoilers, but then realised that what ever I said would be a spoiler for those who are watching it on Sky One, or are awaiting the DVD.
All I will say, is that Day 4 is a great as all the others, but even more over the top with it’s story lines.

For those of you who want to post about the current season of 24, please do it
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