Just trying to see if this will work.
Currently I have no money, I also like to help people with their blogs and webdesign.
Therefore if I’ve helped you, why not help me, by giving me money 🙂
Just fill the PayPal form in below, thank you.

5 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Thanks for your help, artesea. I linked you on my blog, and I was going to donate $5 via your PayPal link, but it didn’t seem to work. Also, this input box is acting real funny (I’m using IE 6, so maybe it’s just one of Micro$oft’s “undocumented features”) — it’s extending about 20 pixels past the main window area (not quite to the scrollbar) no matter what size I make my window. It may be a function of your screen refresh as your counter ticks off the characters (9504 as of this period.) because it looks fine until I start to type.

    Yes, I know IE sucks. I have FireFox, which I use for most browsing, but I do my blogging in IE so I can see how 75% of my site audience will see it. Then I check it in FireFox and squint at the itty-bitty fonts.

    Give me a direct way to contribute to the cause via PayPal and I’ll do it from my PayPal account.

    Thanks again for the “blog post title in Haloscan template” help.

    One of the 60,252,614 smart Americans.

  2. Hmm, not sure about why PayPal isn’t working, my email address is ryancullen TAT artesea OT co OT uk
    I’m going to look into the expanding text box, think it’s an IE bug, but will try and solve it.

  3. OK the expanding box is caused because Microsoft can’t cope with you modifying the text inside a relative sized textarea. So you’ll need to modify your style sheet from textarea { width:100px; } to textarea {width: 343px; } or whatever size looks nicest.
    Sorry I can’t find a better fix.

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