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I’ve been playing about with my webstats, looking at phrases which people used to find my blog.
24 Spoilers, is really popular at the moment (304 hits!), although I’m sure they are all disappointed with a story written in August 2004.
Javascript Hack and Drinks Promotions are currently making me feel lucky.
And rather amazing Arsenal New Ground is second behind the BBC, but above!

Whilst we’re here, I only use Google to search, but the other day I was looking for the Windows Update page, I know that typing Windows on Google will give me the Microsoft Site, followed by the Windows Update page. However I was on the MSN website already, and assumed that a similar result would happen on their search engine. Nope, the first Microsoft site is 9th, after several double glazing sites.

ps. If you did/do click through from Google, you’ll have noticed that there’s a box at the top of the page asking you if you found the page useful, and to leave comments. Unfortunately, unless you host your blog on your own site, which has PHP enabled, and allows you to modify the .htaccess file, then I can’t offer help on making your own. Although I’m sure you could achieve the same thing with JavaScript.

pps. If you also notice that some of the titles on Google have the link as Hapless band of staff and regulars: Post Name, however the page title in your browser has Post Name: Hapless band of staff and regulars, this is because I’ve used PHP pattern matching to swap them around. If you want the code let me know.

3 thoughts on “Search Engines

  1. The search engine code can be found here.
    You’ll need to include it in each page, also change your Haloscan username, and then add this code, to where you want it to appear
    $google = google_check(‘<$BlogItemNumber$>’);
    if($google) echo ” <div class=”referer”>$google</div>n”;

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