Jerry Springer The Opera

The BBC are airing this on BBC2 this Saturday, as somebody who has seen it twice, and have the soundtrack, I think it’s quite funny that people are already complaining.

In the letter from mediawatch-UK to the BBC they say

The continuous stream of obscene and profane language, as well as the debauched behaviour that characterised Mr Springer’s TV shows, is unacceptable and will alienate a large number of viewers. Licence fee payers do not expect the BBC to be pushing back boundaries of taste and decency in this way

I thought that most programming alienated a large number of viewers. Not everybody watches the World Cup, Eastenders, Ground Force or Little Britain. However the BBC needs to target each group of society with programmes they want to watch. I’m pretty sure that most of my peers will enjoy this show.

They then go on to say

Bearing in mind that there is already mounting public concern and an absence of any assurance regarding compliance, we believe that the decision to show ‘Jerry Springer The Opera’ should be urgently reconsidered at the highest level within the BBC. There must be other West End productions that would be more enjoyable and appreciated by a far greater number of licence-fee payers? Why not, for example, screen a seasonal pantomime, with well-known and liked television and radio personalities, currently showing at provincial theatres across the country?

Yes a panto, that will really cater for the 18-30’s market which BBC2 are trying to reach!

3 thoughts on “Jerry Springer The Opera

  1. Ryan and others. I presume you would accept that if a broadcast were scheduled that derided or otherwise got at gays, or blacks, it should not be shown and complaint is correct. The offensive of this programme is great, because it insults the revered persons of Christ, Mary and God, and so it insults christians. This is not being done in an isolated stage, it is into high profile public arena, where it forms public opinion. You may have no time for faith convictions, or even be against them, but you should please be fair minded enough to recognise this gives great (huge) offense.

  2. Having seen the show twice, and being a Catholic myself, the show does not mock my faith.
    Whilst I understand that people may be offended by the large amount of bad language, they have the option to turn the TV to a different channel or off completely..
    Maybe instead of banning shows which satire religion, we should ban all programmes which mention religion, to ensure that we don’t offend anyone else’s religion.
    Remember the freedom of speech allows you to preach to the unconverted, as much as it allows me to question your beliefs.

  3. What offends me, is that because I am a Christian, people are trying to speak on my behalf, and take offence on my behalf.

    I’m not offended. I find people like Neil bring my faith into greater disrepute.

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