How to use a remote control

Remote ControlHave you come across my blog because I’m campaigning against those who are campaigning against Jerry Springer the Opera being screened on BBC2?
Do you disagree with me?
If so, I think I need to teach you the wonders of the TV and the Remote Control.

When a programme is on that you don’t like, you pick up the Remote Control with either hand, and using your fingers, you can press a button, which will:
a) change the channel to BBC1 (normally the one with 1 on it, although UP or LEFT should work), which is showing Billy Conolly and Match of the Day
b) change the channel to ITV1 (the one with 3 on it, or try DOWN or RIGHT), which is showing Ultimate Force and The Eiger Sanction
c) change the channel to Channel 4 (although if you don’t like Jerry, I’m guessing your not going to like Jackie Brown)
d) one of the other 100’s of channels that might be available to those with Cable, Satellite or Freeview
e) TURN IT OFF (normally the Red button at the top)

It’s really that easy!

2 thoughts on “How to use a remote control

  1. I agree. I will be using the red button to turn it off and don’t expect the BBC to not air it just because it doesn’t go along with my Christian beliefs. Here’s my opinion

  2. Nice one.
    Unfortunately the politicaly motivated, highly orchestrated ranks of complainers who inundated the BBC with their rants about this prog (before it was even aired!) are not interested in choice, so your helpful guide falls on the blog equivalent of deaf ears. I watched Jackie Brown. I chose to.

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