Metro Puzzle

I try to stimulate my tired brain every morning attempting the Metro Puzzle on the way in to work, today seemed to be a simple maths problem, and after attempting to guess the answer, I checked to see if I was correct.
Now not to spoil it for you, I’ve put my answer and their answer in the comments sections.

4 thoughts on “Metro Puzzle

  1. Here’s what I did:
    RSQ is a right angled triangle, so using Pythagoras the length SQ is ƒ50.
    Now a quick bit of maths shows that 7² + 1² = 50, which means that SPQ must also be a right angled triangle.
    All thats left to do is calculate the area.
    Area of RSQ = ½.5.5 = 12.5 units²
    Area of SPQ = ½.1.7 = 3.5 units²
    Total Area = 16 units²

    However metro, who use the same calculations to deduce that we have two right angle triangles, say
    “Pythagroras’ Theorem twice gives area = 50 units²”

    For annonation ƒ represents the square root of

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