HaloScanJust a bit of self promotion here. This week I was made a moderator for the HaloScan Forums, so if you are fed up with the comments system that comes with your blog, or if you are having problems with HaloScan let me know and I’ll try and help you out.

3 thoughts on “HaloScan

  1. There are some blogs where the Comment box does not open up in my coomputer.
    This is not true in general. Some readers are able to access the comments and some cant.
    Why does this happen? Is there some specific software required so as to be able to access comment boxes?

  2. It’s not that you need special software, it’s that you’ve got software blocking popup windows in which the blogs appear.
    The reason why mine works, is that I’ve added extra stuff, which should help those with popup blockers.

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