Blade: Trinity

Yesterday as I posted, I won free tickets to go and see a private screening of Blade:Trinity at the Charlotte Street Hotel.

Upon turning up, I was offered a choice of free wine or beer and I started chatting to people. I had travelled from Westminster, getting stuck in a tunnel on the District Line, where as the couple I was talking to had been flown down from Scotland and were staying in a hotel courtesy of Beat FM. I began to think that I was losing out on this freebie.

The film which was supposed to start at 9.00pm didn’t begin until 9.45pm as another screening was still going on, although it did mean more drink.

Finally we were allowed in to the cinema, as wow it was fancy, big comfy leather chairs and a large enough screen.

The film was just like the other two, and like most other action movies, plot line pretty predictable, but it was worth seeing.

All in all, a good night out.

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