I’ve got a P910i

[P910i]I went shopping with Heather this weekend in London, and whilst looking in mobile phone shops for a P910i, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get one. Then after wandering into Phones4u, I was somehow persuaded to buy one.
Got to say that it’s brilliant, the colours, the memory, the keyboard, all make it a worthwhile upgrade on my P800, which is now up for sale to friends and family first.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got a P910i

  1. Hmm…., i think you missed that bit….., whilst talking to the other staff about your new phone, and playing about with that camera phone…., yes….., thats when it happened…..

  2. Actually I was looking for the following information:
    ‘ How do we access our mail at gmail using the p910i. Wonder if you could help.
    Do I need to install opera operating system?
    Best wishes

  3. I’ve not setup GMail with my phone. I know that Opera wont work, but it’s worth installing anyway for surfing the web.
    The problem is that GMail use different ports, or SSL or something that the P910 doesn’t like (well most phones don’t like).
    I’ve heard that Profimail should work.

  4. SSL is widely used on the web for encryption – sony need to sort out their act – nokia symbian devices have it, and every pocket PC/smartphone has it as well!

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