Families on Trains

Another thing to add to my illiberal list of things to ban is Families on Trains (well on work days anyway).

Whilst most workers love half-term as the roads become empty, those of us who travel by train have a worse journey. All the parents in the home-counties, plus 2-4 children and a buggy each want to visit London for the day. And thus the train carriages fill pretty quickly.

Not only that, but instead of having the rather peaceful journey every day to and from work, in which I read, we now have 30-40 kids making a noise, and the one next to you can never sit still, and continues to kick you all the way home.

Now I know this only really lasts for a week, and that this half-term is the worst of the holidays, but if parents want to go to London, they should catch trains after 10am and return before 4pm.

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