Consecutive Number Plate Spotting

Having seen a post on Will’s Blog, a few weeks ago I decided to give it ago.

Once I can be bother to get motivated again, I’ll create a lovely webpage to record my progress (as is rubbish).

I am currently on 5 (having been stuck on 4 for a while).

Word of warning, try not to play on the M11 (whilst driving) at 10pm on a Sunday, it’s too dark!

Although my late night straw pole showed that only 64% on vehicles on the road, were ryan-cnps legal (no new plates, no old black plates, no foreign plates and no personalised plates, just good old A123 BCD or EFG 456H plates)

6 thoughts on “Consecutive Number Plate Spotting

  1. I was going to try to build an updatable graph on my website but I’m not sure that my web host has the right bit of PHP installed to do it.

    I have kept a log, though, so I’ll be able to create a graph when I’ve worked out how 🙂

  2. Ha ha, blatant self promotion. Heres my attempt….

    Maybe if more people knew they could buy and sell number plates at, you’d have a better chance at finding consequetive number plates.

    Just kiddin… I’m fascinated by this hobby though, did you ever get the the end?

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