NOWTV Dev Channel and FilmOn abroad

Couple of recent updates.

NOW TV have chosen to block the dev channel slot on their hardware. I respect their choice, but this does mean that the FilmOn app will be removed if you have it installed.
Several people have asked for a work around or suggestions, the answer is to get a full Roku.

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Not only can you install the FilmOn app without the need for dev mode you also get Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I migrated from the NOW TV small black boxes to the Roku 2. Hardware wise they are identical. The only thing you’ll be missing from a NOW TV box is Sky Sports News HQ, Sky Sports Box Office and for some reason the BOX Plus.

Also yesterday I began getting reports of people outside the UK unable to watch the BBC channels. Took me a while to notice what was happening but a one character change by FilmOn caught me out. I’ve updated the source code, but need to upload it to my Roku box to compile which I can’t do until at least tomorrow. Hopefully I can role it out to everyone in the next few days.

Finally FilmOn emailed to say they are removing their affiliate program on the 1st May and that “all Web, Mobile and API affiliates will no longer be able to access the FilmOn content”. We’ll know more about what this means for my app closer to the time, but I’m hopefully there will still be a way around it.

21 thoughts on “NOWTV Dev Channel and FilmOn abroad

  1. Hi Ryan,
    The EPG time in your app seems a bit messed up since the clocks going forward this morning, the roku updated the time which appears correctly in the top right on the landing / EPG page but the times in the EPG listings are no longer correct.
    I’ve rebooted the app and the roku without any success.


  2. English channels should be available to those abroad again. The update (2.0.11) was pushed on Saturday afternoon and should have reached all the boxes by Sunday.

    I’ve also fixed the Daylight Saving Time issue via some server side code.

  3. Ryan
    Thanks for fixing the U.S. viewing thru Filmon. How can we get all eight of the uktv channels like Dave, Home, Quest. We only get Really. We would pay to get the other channels. Not sure if this is what you do.
    Bob K

  4. I have been using v2.0.10 of your app on the Telstra TV Roku in Australia.
    It works really well. Thank you for making it.
    I would like to try v2.0.11 but I need to side load it, so please can you share the zip file.

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