Remove parental control on the BBC iPlayer?

There seems to be a large flaw with the BBC iPlayer, their Parental Control feature is based on a cookie.
This makes it very easy for any computer whiz kid to allow themselves to watch programmes which are normally shown after the watershed whenever they like. And to top it off, the BBC explain how to delete the cookie in their help page.

2016 Edit turns out this page is rather high on a Google search. This post was first written in 2007 for the web version of the iPlayer. If your TV is asking for parental control it’s most likely due to the TV’s built in restrictions. If you’ve yet to set a PIN, it will tend to be 0000, 1234 or 1111. If these don’t work search for “default code” along with the make and model of your TV in Google.

21 thoughts on “Remove parental control on the BBC iPlayer?

  1. I do not want parental control- when I have tried to watch celebrity apprentice usa for 5/1/15 it wont let me because it is blocked and locked by parental control. I have tried to unlock with no success. Please help.

  2. Rosemary if your browser has a “private browsing” or “incognito” mode use that and then visit the iPlayer. You should find you are now asked if you are old enough and if you want to add parental controls.

  3. I cant get through to The latest Undercover programme. There is a child lock on it – I didn’t set up a pin number! How do I get to the programme?

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